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Florida Couriers provides premium same day legal courier services so that the people of Florida can focus on their casework while we handle any documents that need submitting. Our legal couriers are experienced in delivering court orders, petitions, court document retrievals, visa processing documents, and more. We’ll always make sure your documents quickly and securely reach the right courthouse, law firm, clerk’s desk, or office.

What We Deliver

Florida Couriers’ specialized legal courier services can rush deliver your various court filings, processing documents, and court document retrievals all within the same day, with service options as fast as 1 hour after pickup. Take a glance at what legal documents we regularly deliver for the people of Florida:

How it Works?

Florida Couriers provides a broad assortment of same day delivery and rush courier services, all of which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve your delivery needs. Come and see how our convenient same day delivery services are already serving thousands of clients throughout Florida:
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Legal Courier Services Overview

The progress of your casework can depend on the timing of your legal deadlines and document submissions—which is where Florida Couriers’ legal courier services become the perfect solution! With years of experience in delivering legal documents to local courthouses, District Courts, law firms, clerk’s offices, and more, our court runners are unmatched in their speed and professionalism. Whether you need to rush deliver court pleadings, petitions, orders, processing papers, or court document retrievals, we can help make sure they deliver in record time, securely and safely in their original condition.

When a legal deadline is fast approaching, you can stay ahead of it with our convenient same day delivery services. Our court runners can rush your documents to a local destination in as quick as 1 hour after pickup, giving you unprecedented ability to keep your document submissions well-within schedule.

Give your legal documents the professionalism and promptness that they deserve as our legal delivery drivers take them to their destinations at blazing speeds. Every delivery is carried out using the most direct and efficient routes, ensuring that your packages deliver within their promised timeframes. Across all of Florida and even to neighboring states, wherever you need your legal documents rushed, our legal courier services are there to see it happen fast!

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